‘Art for Conservation’ (AFC) is a section of WildRoots where we recognize and celebrate expression and communication through Art & Design. Our mission is to support wildlife habitat conservation, dissipate environmental education and awareness through art that celebrated nature. AFC represents our members, friends and patrons who are the artists in the nature/wildlife/conservation art genre, who are committed to conservation. We recognize the works of many of the world’s most recognized names in the field that inspire us each day. AFC is a space where imaginations and expressions run ‘WILD’.

The Vision of AFC:
Through sharing of national & international Art & Design, collaborative art-science expeditions, annual festival, recognition and awards, publications, and online initiatives, we aspire to engage, inspire and inform the community, and empower passionate aspiring, upcoming and professional conservation artists as effective ambassadors for the environment. AFC aims to dedicate our resources to nurturing our world-class community of artists, and leveraging this unique pool of talent to support our mission through a variety of programs and initiatives, including:
  • Engaging and educating individuals and organizations through artistic expression to convey the importance and urgency of sustaining our natural heritage and environment.
  • Supporting art-science field research expeditions to study endangered species and threatened habitats.
  • Producing art exhibitions, special events, education workshops and publications in support of conservation.
  • Facilitating member and patron art sales to raise funds for conservation.
  • Maintaining our own gallery of nature inspired art.
  • Recognizing artists and other individuals and organizations for their commitments and actions in support of conservation.
  • Partner with conservation and value-aligned organizations for special projects.

WildRoots invites Nature-inspired Arts from the members, friends and patrons. To showcase your art and designs on our website, drop us an email with low resolution samples of your work at wildroots.guwahati@gmail.com. Selected artwork will be showcased under our Online Exhibition Section under Art for Conservation (AFC).

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About the Project:
Famous French Fashion designer Coco Chanel, who ruled over the Parisian Haute Couture for almost six decades once said, "Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the forests as well as in the urban streets; fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, in Nature and in what is happening around us." Fashion is made of trends that spring and disappear along time. Fashion is all about appearance, and fashion designers always look for inspiration to kindle their creativity. Nature is a perfect way to recharge one's soul! We have learnt it the hard way, during the time of the Global Pandemic, after the outbreak of the COVID-19. Attractive colours, shapes, textures, and patterns exist all around in nature. Taking inspiration from nature gives us a fresh perspective on design. Fashion is an Artwork inspired by Nature itself. Observing nature enables a designer to incorporate new elements into their designs.
The Initial idea about this Project was sparked during my interaction with Mr. Sean Southey, the present Chair of the IUCN - CEC, Commission on Education and Communication, at the St. Catherine's College, University of Oxford, where we discussed the ways of using Design as a Tool for Engagement to inspire the young Generation and motivate them to find ways and means for Environmental Awareness and find solutions for Local and Global Conservation. There is an abundance of 'design culture' to be discovered from nature. The awe factor in nature is sure to inspire the creativity of designing - encompassing personality, colour and variety. Jattinn Kochhar, the New Delhi, India based Fashion Designer, while sharing his views with Fibre2Fashion, an unique design idea where the aesthetics and materials are inspired from nature, says - he draws his design inspiration from nature, and even people. He states, "My creativity to blend traditional natural heritage with urban influence draws its inspiration from nature". Many contemporary fashion designers put a lot of emphasis on nature based wearable designs and practical clothing. So, a project was envisioned after I got back to India, last year, where I thought of creating a Creative Platform where students from various Design Colleges and Institutions can come together, brainstorm on ideas and come up with some Nature-based Designs, which can have the potential to be used for Environmental Awareness and Conservation. Wildroots-India created the Project as an Online Short Term Student Internship Programme, where the students would be mentored and helped in the development of innovative ideas.
Nature is a perfect way to recharge one's soul and ease the mind. The various natural phenomenon, local and global issues gave us a fresh perspective on design, during the COVID-19 Pandemic times. The most important part of getting natures inspiration is not just to view it, but to pay more attention and incorporate the elements into the design aspect, so that they can be used to tell a story, or can have a purpose than just being an addition to someone's wardrobe or a trend which would go obsolete in time. The textures, colours of leaves, grass and water can be creatively used in fashion designing, and more ideas can be thought of. Connecting with nature is great source of inspiration for me, when it comes to design. We at WildRoots-India collectively believe that it is very important to be a part of nature where creativity is concerned.

Developing the Concept: Creativity supported by Nature's Inspiration!
Students from Design Colleges, primarily the National Institute of Fashion Design (NIFT) expressed their interest in the Project and later we had a few students from the Royal School of Fashion Design. They started brainstorming on materials made with an inspiration drawn from nature, that makes alluring designs. An introductory Online session was organized where students were explained how the designs could be an amalgamation of ethnic and chic. The Student Participants were motivated to do extensive research on various topics, and were asked to break the norms and try new patterns apart from the standard ones that exist. Creativity supported by nature's inspiration helps a fashion designer to excel. Design possibilities, and exploration with ideas are absolutely endless. Be it a colour, pattern, texture; anything. Just by looking at an image, downloaded from the internet, students could get a million ideas. For centuries, nature had been a great source of inspiration for artists. In contemporary times, it is not just enough to celebrate nature. Creativity of the fashion designers, with appropriate patterns and colour choices brings clothes with timeless elegance, and customers to marvel at the beauty of nature. The inspiration that nature provides to fashion industry is a solid proof that Mother Nature is indeed fashion industry's greatest muse. Contemporary Design Students need 'creativity with purpose' which will make a difference in their design ideology, and perceptions and make them better professionals of the future. Nature based Design is an experience. It is this experience that we are looking to explore, through this Innovative Project.
Other recognized fashion designers whose collections fit into the Nature-based Design category including Viktor Dzenk, Tear Gas, Borodulin, Sophia Kokosalaki, Alexander McQueen, Rei Kawakubo, Jean Paul Gaultier, Hussein Chalayan, and Yohji Yamamo. Their works are considered as a 'coincidence' with Nature Inspired elements, because these designers have an intension to indirectly mimic the great nature and even sometimes deliberately use Nature-based design methods into their clothing. The intention of the Designers is to explore the nature design strategy and relevant designs from the clues that they get from the natural world. It is a DESIGN REVOLUTION!

Given below are the Profiles of the Wonderful Students of Design who have signed up for the Internship Project. Each one is unique and is currently developing ideas based on Habitat Loss, Plastic Pollution, Species Extinction, Materials inspired from Nature and many more.

Student Designer Profiles:

Simran Arora is a 6th semester student of Fashion Design department, National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Shillong.

She has completed her High School from Bharat High School, Hisar, Haryana in the year of 2012-13 and Senior Secondary from Government Sr. Sec. School, Hisar, Haryana in 2014-15. She has attended the Sustainable Craft and Fashion during her 3rd semester and has created Accessories and Garments on the themes of Up Cycling (inspired by the brand Red and Dead), Plastic Wastes from the Oceans (inspired by the brand Ocean Zen). She has been looking to leverage her knowledge and experience into the role of an intern for Sustainability and Conservation of Nature at WildRoots-India.
Her Idea for the Project: Designs based on the Elements of Nature and Conservation of Species closely Associated with them.
Aayushi Mor is a student of Fashion Design department, National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Shillong.

She is an aspiring fashion designer, who is a hardworking and a dedicated student with a lot of passion for work that leads to building her optimistic and creative attitude. The skills she has includes tie dye, embroidery, 3dmanipulation, draping and sewing. She is good with computer software too and knows how to use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and CorelDraw. Her Words - 'I want to be part of this internship because I had been looking for a long time to be part of voice of nature that the whole world could hear through my designs and this is the best platform that will help me in showcasing my work and brushing my skills.'
Her Idea for the Project: Designs based on the Microorganisms and Fungi - The Role that they play in our Ecosystem.
Abha Jangid is Currently pursuing Bachelors of Design in Fashion Designing from the Assam Royal Global University, Guwahati.

Here's what she thinks about the Project -
Fashion brings out the creative side of a person if they style themselves in what they are confident about. It also connects society with culture in many ways. And, I have always been interested in all kinds of things related to design and art. Thus, I decided to pursue Fashion. Over the course of my Creative Educational Journey, I have learnt that Design is quite vast than what I used to think. I want to do something that helps the society and the environment through the field of fashion and bring a change. The recent problems of climate change, habitat loss and how the earth is suffering have always interested me. I wanted to work as volunteer in bringing even the smallest amount of change we can, to save the earth. This internship project is related to environmental awareness and conservation and it helps me take my step towards the cause.
Her Idea for the Project: Designs based on Coral Reefs, the plethora of Species that thrive in them and the need for their Conservation.
Ankita Ghosh is B.Design graduate from Fashion and Lifestyle Accessory Design Department, NIFT, New Delhi.

Nature has always fascinated me. The simple yet exquisite beauty of flora and fauna has inspired me in my creative endeavour. The infinite variety of handicrafts of India has also had a powerful influence on me and hence is often manifested in my designs.
Being a nature enthusiast by heart and knowing how the field of fashion can bring a change in the world, and as quoted by Dalai Lama that, "Just as ripples spread out when a single pebble is dropped into water, the actions of individuals can have far-reaching effects" . I am overwhelmed and happy to be a part of such an initiative where I can do my bit for the conservation of nature and inspire others to make the world a better place for us and for the generations to come.
Her Idea for the Project: To show how the Environment and Habitat of various Species are getting destroyed by the introduction of Microplastics.
Anoushka Ghosh is Second Year student of B.FTech (Fashion Technology) from NIFT, Kannur.

I have always been a nature enthusiast and this internship gave me an opportunity to pay back to nature. Given the current circumstances, there’s a lot of responsibility on the shoulders of the youth and I would want to do my bit to express my gratitude for our planet and hope to inspire more like me.
Anoushka is concerned about the impacts rapid and uncontrolled urbanization is having on Bird Species, all over the World and concentrates her research from Sparrows to the White-bellied Sea Eagle which have faced a decline in numbers, over the past few years.
Her Idea for the Project: Designs based on the impact of uncontrolled and rapid Urbanization on Endangered Bird Species and their Habitats.
Bhavya Soni is student of Fashion Design from NIFT, Shillong.

Bhavya Soni, is a student of NIFT, Shillong currently pursuing Fashion Designing Course. Let's hear it from her -
As a design student i am always trying to look at things differently. Taking the current situation into consideration I feel this world needs more artists, designers and peace makers who can make this world a beautiful place to live in. I feel a good design can leave a huge impact on your mind. Fashion Industry is third largest industry in creating Pollution. So we as design students should be very cautious and need to come up with ideas which are sustainable, eco-friendly and 'vegan'. I applied for this internship because of the same reason. I look forward to learn new things from you.
Her Idea for the Project: Designs based on the impact of Global Warming on Glaciers which are rapidly declining and the impact it has on the rise in Sea Levels and extinction of Marine Species.
Diksha Shivam is student of Fashion Textile Design from NIFT, Hyderabad.

Hi! I am Diksha Shivam! I am passionate about working with textiles and creating prints inspired from my surroundings. My aim is to bring the value from history into contemporary design. I believe in the concept of sustainability and I aim to bring it by going back to the roots. I believe in telling stories through design and have an affection towards print and surface design and hand loom fabrics. During the four years of my course, I have tried to offer various sets of skills that provide intuitive solutions through meaningful designs. I have worked closely with meaningful designs. I have worked closely with experienced artisans of various crafts like Uppada Jamdani weavers, Sualkuchi weavers, Banjara embroidery artists , have developed products for Future Style Lab and worked with muga and eri silk cluster as a textile design intern under Ministry of textiles.
I am interested in this project because during my course I have learned a lot about the craft and our culture. I think it's very important to save these things because if we don't know our roots properly then how can we ever know ourselves? In the same way, I believe nature is not a place to visit, it is home. If we don't go back to nature and start conserving it one day we will lose home too. Therefore, design can also be a way to conserve the nature because a good design is always a sustainable design which can help the nature to heal.
Her Idea for the Project: Importance of Wetlands and the need to preserve them for the Conservation of various Wetland Species. Generating awareness about the importance of Wetland Ecosystems and how Pollution and other reasons are a threat to such Ecosystems.
Fardina Yesmin is currently pursuing Bachelors of Design in Fashion Designing from the Assam Royal Global University, Guwahati.

I am from Guwahati, Assam. Currently I am pursuing my Bachelor Degree from Royal Global University (Royal School of Fashion Design and Technology). I am interested in playing badminton. Whenever I get time, I used to play badminton with my friends or cousins. I also love to do makeup and nail art. I am both extrovert and introvert kind of girl, who loves to go club or party with friends as well as loves to stay at home alone or with family. I like to visit events organized by our University or any other organizations. Recently, I visited an event which is being organized by NEIFT. I am happy to be a part of WildRoots as I know I’ll get to learn more about nature through these 60 days of project and also, I will know how my design create awareness about Climate Change.
Her Idea for the Project: Using Design to create Awareness about the Protection of the Environment and Endangered Species -
Kabyashree Bhowmik is a final year student in National Institute of Fashion Technology, Chennai.

She is pursuing a degree in Fashion Technology, a 4 year undergraduate programme which focuses on different aspects of apparel production starting from fabric making to garment construction. The course is a perfect blend of design, management and technology required in a fashion industry. She has interned in companies like Raymond, Bhaskar Denims and Silver Spark Apparel to experience how things work in buying &merchandising, export and manufacturing units. Currently, she is planning to work with a fashion forward company to implement her ideas and skills. Her goal is to setup her own brand one day. She is very excited for the internship as she believes that the concept of nature based design is a great way to spread awareness about wildlife and environment conservation.
Her Idea for the Project: Using Design to create Awareness about the threat faced by the Marine Ecosystems and Habitats all over the World mainly due to Plastic Pollution
Madhumita Das is from Guwahati, Assam, and doing her Bachelor of Design course in Fashion Design from NIFT, Shillong.

Here's what interested her to join this project: Most of my designs are about nature and the contemporary world. I like to collect waste materials such as chocolate wrapper or stem of a pine tree and many more. My aim is to research more about different species, today we can see less because of human existence, the increasing number of population and development of technology destroyed and made the various kinds of species to vanish, which are not even discovered yet. I'm interested in joining this internship because of learning more and it will help me in my research.
Her Idea for the Project: Exploring the wonderful and fascinating world of Algae, their Economic Importance to their role as Carbon Traps, all over the World. Her Designs will also try to highlight - how the excessive growth of Planktonic Algae can be an indication of Climate and Human-induced imbalance in Nature.
Nahida Ahmed is currently pursuing Bachelors in Fashion Design and Technology (4th semester) from The Royal Global University, Guwahati, Assam.

Creativity has always attracted me to join this field of work. The reason why I chose fashion design is because of the freedom I get to create garments and accessories which is absolutely unique to me. I also get to learn skills like; time management, leadership, team management and most importantly the art of communication. The process of exploration puts no boundaries to my imagination.
The reason I chose this internship program is because I feel that this platform will widen my concept of design and help me think beyond what is usual. This program will further connect me with the nature in terms of fashion and introduce me to new concepts.
Her Idea for the Project: Using Fashion Design to create awareness about the Conservation of Species that display Camouflage.
Priyama Borpujari is currently pursuing Bachelors in Fashion Design from the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Hyderabad.

Growing up in a home surrounded by Paintings, I have always been fond of Art and Design. I am a Fashion Design student pursuing my graduation from the National Institute of Fashion Technology. Learning and working in this field has helped me enhance my skills and to use my imagination to create and explore. My leisure interests towards bird watching, exploring places, and photography helps me build and share a strong bonding with nature. In this contemporary world, we should remember to hold onto our roots and work for a better tomorrow. I believe in the concept of sustainability, as it teaches us to coexist with nature. Alexander McQueen said there is no better designer than nature, so let nature be our inspiration and guide us to create fashion and awareness.
Her Idea for the Project: Using Fashion Design to create awareness about Habitat Loss and its impact on Natural Places of North-East India, Amazon(Brazil) and Madagascar.
Varunavi Das is currently pursuing Bachelors in Fashion Design and Technology (4th semester) from The Royal Global University, Guwahati, Assam.

I have always been fascinated by the world of design and colours. To pursue my passion, I opted to move forward in life through fashion designing. Learning the technical aspects of fashion , has helped me actually produce what I have in my mind into reality. I hope to learn as much as I can during the entire course and apply everything I’ve learnt to create beautiful designs that can hopefully inspire others someday.
I have always felt that nature and design go hand in hand. The beauty of nature itself and its creations is unparalleled. I was quite interested when I heard about this internship because it does exactly what I’ve been feeling and thinking about over the years, taking inspirations from nature and my surroundings to create beautiful designs.
Her Idea for the Project: Using Fashion Design to create awareness about Species Diversity in the Amazon RainForest and the various threats faced by the Species that thrive out there.Using Fashion Design to create awareness about Habitat Loss and its impact on Natural Places of North-East India, Amazon(Brazil) and Madagascar.
Bhargabi Ghosal is a student of National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Kannur currently pursuing bachelors in fashion design (B.Des), in 4th semester.

Nature has always inspired me to create. For humans nature has always been a source of inspiration. Inspiration is everywhere around us we have to grab it and access it in a different way which will inspire others. The wonder stirred within us but nature is a combination of amazement and admiration that is inspiring. Nature is the only thing that can renew itself and is sustainable. Most of my works are inspired from nature and I believe bio mimicry is an amazing topic to work on during this time of crisis the world is facing. 'Patachitra' is one of my favourite form of art where natural dyes are used to colour the paintings and stories of the society is depicted. I have used this as my inspiration for most of my collections. It has always mesmerized me. I am extremely motivated to constantly develop my skills as a creative person and grow professionally. I am confident in my ability to come up with effecting and interesting ideas. Passionate about translating emerging trends into successful design line that connects to an emotional level. I would like to explore my potential for the benefit of the organization and the society.
Her Idea for the Project: Designs based on the Microorganisms and Fungi - The Role that they play in our Ecosystem.
Check out some of the sample 'MoodBoards' and 'Mind-Maps' prepared by the students for their Design project -
by Biswajit De, Founder President & Project Mentor - Nature based Design, WildRoots-India. All Designs (Mindmaps, MoodBoards, Concept Arts & Final Rendering) Copyrighted to the Student Participants. Project/Internship Copyrighted to WildRoots-India, 2019-2020. All Rights are Reserved!

‘Nimble Fingers at Work’ – The Students of Karara HS School, Baihata Chariali, Assam have impressed us with their Poster Designs for Tiger Conservation. We showcase some of their amazing artwork here, as an introduction to the section – ART for Conservation.

Read about the AIRCEL sponsored Sanctuaryasia Kids for Tigers Programme here. Read More

“If it doesn’t have life, that’s it. It’s not usable.” – Duane Raver

During my recent visit to the US, I was introduced to the Art of Duane Raver, at the National Conservation Training Center, West Virginia, by the officials of the US Fish & WildLife Service and it was indeed a privilege to know about the terrific ‘Fish Painter’.
Duane Raver was born and raised in central Iowa where he soon learned to fish and hunt and enjoy the world of nature. It was evident at an early age Duane had the gift of artistic talent and soon began to draw and paint fish, waterfowl, and upland game. When it came time to make a decision about college, Duane made the choice of fish and wildlife biology with an emphasis on fishery management. Artwork was always a strong hobby during college, again with fish he caught as subjects. Duane graduated from Iowa State University in 1949 and worked as an assistant fishery biologist with the then Iowa Conservation Commission. In January of 1950, he received a call from the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission and was offered a position as a fishery biologist, surveying dozens of North Carolina lakes and reservoirs.
When the Federal Aid to Fisheries program (DJ) was launched, Duane became the Fish Division’s first Federal Aid Coordinator. In 1960, after doing much of the artwork and some of the writing for the Commission’s magazine, “Wildlife in North Carolina,” while in the Fish Division, Duane transferred to the Education Division. He continued to do many of the magazine’s covers and other illustrations as well as other features. He progressed from Managing Editor to the magazine’s Editor and layout and design duties. During nights and weekends, Duane did many illustrations for several Southeastern states publications, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and educational and commercial books and magazines. His specialty of fish illustrations soon gained national attention.
Duane retired from the N.C. Wildlife Commission in 1979 to devote full time as a freelance wildlife illustrator. In 1984, he teamed with fisheries scientist Dr. Charles S. Manooch to produce the book Fisherman’s Guide – Fishes of the Southeastern United States, which was reprinted four times, most recently in 2007. The one hundred and fifty full color fish paintings in the book have formed the basis for many fish identification posters and publications nationwide. During his career, Duane was named Wildlife Artist of the Year four times by the N.C. Wildlife Federation and, in 2003, was inducted into the Federation’s Hall of Fame. He has won numerous art awards and recognition by various sporting and conservation organizations for artwork contributions. In 2009, Duane was awarded The Order of the Longleaf Pine by the State of North Carolina.
Now 86, he still does wildlife artwork on a daily basis in his studio in his daughter’s taxidermy shop near Clayton, N.C.

by Biswajit De, Founder President, WildRoots, India.
Information obtained from the publications of the National Conservation Training Center, West Virginia, USA.

Ace veteran Artist Krishna De from Kolkata, India is 67 years old and an alumnus of the Government College of Art & Craft, Kolkata (formerly Calcutta), West Bengal, India. She worked as an Art Restorer with the Indian Museum of Kolkata for 25 years specializing in water Colour and Indian Painting Techniques. She had worked with Private Art Curators and Patrons also and have contributed her skills in the restoration of European Paintings preserved as a part of private collections. Her interest in Nature was reflected in her work, as she started working independently as an Art Teacher at the same college and then in some schools of Kolkata. After her retirement, she spends her time mainly painting Birds, Animals and Landscapes. She has been recognized by various nature and conservation organizations like WildRoots in India as a 'Nature Artist who inspires young people to identify themselves with Nature and the Wilderness."

Krishna De with some of her amazing Water Colour rendering of Indian Owls

Krishna De with some of her amazing Water Colour rendering of Indian Owls
Mrs. De suffers from severe Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoporosis but continues her nature art with creativity, zeal and enthusiasm. She is currently illustrating text books for students for subjects like Geography, Biology and Environmental Science and has already illustrated more than fifteen major books written by eminent Academicians, Professors and Naturalists of India.

Commissioned work for Children Nature Encyclopaedias: Evolution of a Bird within an Egg

Commissioned work for Children Nature Encyclopaedias: Chest Muscles of a Bird

Recently, Mrs. De's work has been recognized by the US Federal Archives at the National Conservation Training Center (NCTC), Shepherdstown, West Virginia, USA. 5 of her original Water Colour Paintings have been put up at NCTC, dedicating an entire wall which would soon be filled up by her Artworks, shared with the Archives from time to time. The paintings were handed over to Mr. Mark Madison, Head Historian & Curator of the US Federal Archives at NCTC by Mr.Biswajit De, Founder President of WildRoots and proud son of Mrs. De.

Bird Paintings by Mrs. De at the National Conservation Training Center, West Virginia, USA

Some of her Landscape Water Colour Sketches done at Cherrapunjee, Meghalaya, India
Mrs. Krishna De is an inspiration for us and is one of the Driving Force behind our section - 'ART for Conservation'.

Book Release: Geography of Assam - by Prof. Abani Kumar Bhagabati of Dept. of Geography, Guwahati University, Assam & illustrated by Mrs. Krishna De. Published by Rasmi Prakash, Guwahati, Assam Release Date: January 1st, 2017 at the Guwahati Book Fair

Geography of Assam - the book illustrated by Mrs. Krishna De has been highly appreciated by the veteran educationists, naturalists and conservationists from Assam. Kindly grab hold of a copy of this book to find more than 50 pages of Water Colour Illustrations.

'Scientists are also unnerved by the summer's implications for the future...proof that human activities are propelling a slide toward climate calamity...humans may have tipped the balance...a particularly harsh jolt to polar bears'.